People often ask me about historical persons, events, and other subjects, and want to know whether they are covered in my books. They are also curious about the family names, both real and fictional, that I have used. So I have begun to put together this small glossary. Click on the item to discover where it is to be found in my books. Or select a book and click on the RESORT tab to resort the items by book.

This glossary is a work in progress, and from time to time I shall add further items from existing, and from future books.

~ Edward Rutherfurd

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> Ireland - Did You Know?
> Budge
> Cromwell
> Daniel O'Connell
> Doyle
> Emmet
> James Joyce
> Law
> MacGowan
> Madden
> O'Byrne
> Parnell
> Smith
> Swift
> Tidy
> Walsh
> Yeats
> 1798
> Ascendancy
> Battle Of The Boyne
> Drogheda
> Easter Rising
> Famine
> Grattan
> Plantations
> Staff Of Saint Patrick

Did You Know?
Women's Suffrage in America : In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson had announced his support for a women's suffrage amendment, but progress was slow, and the amendment failed in the senate. To keep up pressure, a group of ladies known as the Silent Sentinels went on silent vigil outside the White House. Some of their banners were pretty strongly worded. But Wilson still asked them in for coffee. Not only did they refuse the invitation, but on February 9, 1919, they actually burned him in effigy in front of the White House! The amendment finally passed the senate in June and was ratified in August 1920.

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