People often ask me about historical persons, events, and other subjects, and want to know whether they are covered in my books. They are also curious about the family names, both real and fictional, that I have used. So I have begun to put together this small glossary. Click on the item to discover where it is to be found in my books. Or select a book and click on the RESORT tab to resort the items by book.

This glossary is a work in progress, and from time to time I shall add further items from existing, and from future books.

~ Edward Rutherfurd

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> Kiev
> Bobrov
> Catherine The Great
> Ivan The Terrible
> Karpenko
> Peter The Great
> Romanov
> Suvorin
> Tolstoy Family
> Cossacks
> Crimean War
> Decembrists
> Freemasons In Russia
> Gorbachev And Perestroika
> Napoleon's Invasion
> Old Believers
> Oprichniki
> Russian Nobility
> Russian Revolution
> Slavophiles And Westernisers
> Stalin's Purges
> Tartars

Did You Know?
For centuries, Chinese ladies had their feet bound from childhood, a process that involved breaking their toes and forcing their feet to grow into a shape like a little hoof, on which they would totter.  This was thought to be elegant and alluring.  Poor women who had to work in the fields usually did not have bound feet, nor did the ruling Manchu clans  -  though even the Manchu empress was proud that her feet were naturally tiny.

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